Wounded Heroes Documentary Promo Video

  This trailer is about Eugene Lipov, M.D. 's stellate ganglion block! Click here for video Silver Dove Films is a 501(C)(3) non-profit that is producing a documentary to save the lives of our veterans. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) and there are 22+ veterans committing suicide each day. The goal of this documentary is … Continue reading Wounded Heroes Documentary Promo Video

CONTACT: Patients Seeking Lipov Block (SGB)

Click here to visit Dr. Lipov's Foundation (Global PTSI Foundation) site to contact his office, and to download patient forms. You will be in direct contact the Greg Alberth, Dr. Lipov's Research Assistant (pictured in site's cover photos). hope4ptsi@gmail.com http://globalptsifoundation.org/patient-forms Here is PDF package: New-PTSD-Patient-Packet

Another Great Podcast about Lipov Block

Treating PTSD with the Stellate Ganglion Block Dr Eugene Lipov By Joe Crane, Veteran on the Move 24 April 2017 162: Healing Hero with Dr Eugene Lipov On today’s episode, Joe Crane discusses Healing Hero with Dr Eugene Lipov. Eugene is the founder of Healing Hero and The Global Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Foundation. His mission … Continue reading Another Great Podcast about Lipov Block

Before & After My PTSD

It now seems so easy to describe. Before my God Shot (the Lipov Block), not so much. Allow me to describe flashbacks and nightmares as I lived them. For 50 years (since early childhood) videos of the worst events in my life constantly circled my head - in high def and at max volume - … Continue reading Before & After My PTSD