Before & After My PTSD

It now seems so easy to describe. Before my God Shot (the Lipov Block), not so much. Allow me to describe flashbacks and nightmares as I lived them. For 50 years (since early childhood) videos of the worst events in my life constantly circled my head - in high def and at max volume - … Continue reading Before & After My PTSD

U.S. Marines (and others) From a New Angle

Writing about Marines has been my thing for the last 20 years. Now I am writing about leading-from-the-front Marines (and others) whose lives have been saved. They have had their post-traumatic stress symptoms removed or greatly diminished because Dr. Eugene Lipov performed the stellate ganglion block - a ridiculously simple little procedure - on them. … Continue reading U.S. Marines (and others) From a New Angle