Pain specialist uses injections to help military personnel with PTSD

Story from WGNtv

CHICAGO — A local pain medicine specialist says he can inject a sense of calm into patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Critics are waiting for results from a formal study; meanwhile, hundreds of people, including military personnel, say they’ve been saved, including a woman with nightmarish injuries who traveled to Chicago because she says she knows he treatment works.

First Lt. Katie Blanchard, a retired U.S. Army nurse, suffered a horrific attack… read here for more

Nine Questions with Lipov Block Recipient – Shelly

24 May 2018
By Meriwether Ball

Please share how you came to be aware of the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB).

I became aware of the SGB when the tv show the Doctors contacted me about possibly being able to help with my PTSD after surviving a workplace mass shooting.

Why did you think it might help you?

I really didn’t think that anything could help me but I have 3 children and was willing to try anything to help try to be “present” for them.

What symptoms where you hoping to see it relieve?

I was hoping that the physical symptoms like extreme “startle effect” and nightmares might get better. The incident also replayed in my head constantly as if in a loop.

If you’re comfortable, please share how you came to have a trauma illness.

While working in the cosmetics department at my local Macy’s, we had a mass shooter enter our department an hour into my shift. He killed 5 people, 3 of them next to me. When it was my turn for him to fire upon me, he had run out of ammunition and I was the only one spared who had not fled the area. The two customers that we all knew well passed away immediately but my coworker, although shot in the head was still alive but not conscious.

After calling 911 I stayed with my coworker as I waited for the first responders. While waiting I tried to slow her bleeding and comfort her. Unfortunately before the medics arrived she passed away. Although I know CPR I could tell that she was beyond my help.

The first responders were kind enough to allow me to stay with her until they had to completely clear the building and promised to care for her.

After the block, what was the first thing you noticed?

It was funny, after the 2nd procedure, I lost my voice a little and thought that there had been a mistake. After Dr. Lipov said that was temporary then I just felt normal again.

How was the medical and paperwork process for you?

To be honest I don’t remember even having to do any paperwork. I know that I spoke with Greg, who was so kind.

How did staff treat you?

The staff was beyond amazing. Dr. Lipov is an amazing man.

Since receiving the SGB, what has changed for you?

Since the block, I feel like I could have a future. I still need to talk with someone about the incident but I haven’t been up to it- that’s the next step:)

If you felt you needed another one, would you get it done?

If it were determined that I needed another block, I would do it in an instant-it is a lifesaver. I am actually trying to save the money for my oldest son to have it done because he was attacked at the age of 14 and hasn’t yet recovered. I truly believe that the SGB could save his life also.


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