New Study Supports Using Shot to Treat PTSD

From USNI news: 

Proponents of treating post-traumatic stress disorder with a shot to the neck instead of more traditional medication and intense therapy now have a peer-reviewed study to back up their claims of the method’s effectiveness.

The shot, called a stellate ganglion block, is administered by health care professionals into the neck of an individual who screens for suffering from PTSD. The treatment is not a cure for PTSD. Instead, it focuses on the part of a patient’s nervous system, the stellate ganglion, that is critical to regulating the physiological reactions tied to PTSD.

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New research shows nerve injections are effective for treating PTSD symptoms

From Military Times:

New research has bolstered the argument that a century-old pain management technique is effective for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

Results of a clinical trial published online Wednesday by JAMA Psychiatry show that stellate ganglion block, or SGB, injections reduced PTSD symptoms at roughly twice the rate of a placebo, resulting in a noticeable improvement for those who received them.

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