Pain specialist uses injections to help military personnel with PTSD

Story from WGNtv

CHICAGO — A local pain medicine specialist says he can inject a sense of calm into patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Critics are waiting for results from a formal study; meanwhile, hundreds of people, including military personnel, say they’ve been saved, including a woman with nightmarish injuries who traveled to Chicago because she says she knows he treatment works.

First Lt. Katie Blanchard, a retired U.S. Army nurse, suffered a horrific attack… read here for more

Medal of Honor recipient praises revolutionary neck injection treatment for PTSD

Story from Military Times

18 June 2019

A therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder that some doctors believe will “revolutionize the way PTSD is handled” was the subject of a recent “60 Minutes” report featuring a number of afflicted veterans, including one Medal of Honor recipient.

The breakthrough treatment, called stellate ganglion block, or SGB, has been shown to significantly diminish various symptoms of PTSD, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Treating PTSD with the Stellate Ganglion Block with Navy Veteran Meriwether Ball


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25 February 2019

Meriwether Ball, USMC historian and journalist, has provided pro-bono public affairs effort for Dr. Eugene Lipov since her successful treatment, relieving her of 50 years of symptoms.  Dr. Eugene Lipov is the pioneering anesthesiologist who developed the Lipov Block, the stellate ganglion block for treatment of PTSD.

I don’t have flashbacks, nightmares anymore and I have to tell you that it was so unfamiliar.  The first thing I said, Greg asked me how do I feel and I said, it’s so noisy in here. He said that’s something, a lot of people who have had the block experience that the noise in your head is so loud.  I didn’t realize that flashbacks had audio. – Meriwether Ball

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24-hr Follow-up: Lipov Block Procedure for Finance Guru’s PTSD

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Bitcoin innovator J. Ryan Conley shares his follow-up after experience of receiving Dr. Eugene Lipov’s stellate ganglion block for his posttraumatic stress disorder.

From his YouTube link: “PTSD Injection Reboots the #Brain – Ryan Conley 24 hr review after Stellate Ganglion Block Surgery”

Actual Footage of Lipov Block Procedure for Finance Guru’s PTSD

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Bitcoin innovator J. Ryan Conley shares his ‘during’ experience of receiving Dr. Eugene Lipov’s stellate ganglion block for his posttraumatic stress disorder.

From his YouTube link: “Here is proof that PTSI is cured in ten minutes! The #Godshot is getting mainstream attention now because of its 80-90% effective rate with those suffering from trauma mentally and emotionally. Ryan Conley gets the shot from Dr Lipov in Chicago.”

Wounded Heroes Documentary Promo Video


This trailer is about Eugene Lipov, M.D. ‘s stellate ganglion block! Click here for video

Silver Dove Films is a 501(C)(3) non-profit that is producing a documentary to save the lives of our veterans. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) and there are 22+ veterans committing suicide each day. The goal of this documentary is to change that by showing veterans the many available treatments, without drugs, that are having tremendous success treating PTS. The documentary will have interviews with doctors, psychiatrists, veterans, and other experts. Veterans will have hope and get the help they need as they see the many possibilities of treating their post-traumatic stress without black labeled drugs with serious side effects.

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Another Great Podcast about Lipov Block

Treating PTSD with the Stellate Ganglion Block Dr Eugene Lipov

By Joe Crane, Veteran on the Move
24 April 2017

162: Healing Hero with Dr Eugene Lipov On today’s episode, Joe Crane discusses Healing Hero with Dr Eugene Lipov. Eugene is the founder of Healing Hero and The Global Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Foundation. His mission is to help military personnel suffering from PTSD transition to a productive, healthy life. Tune in for some classic insights about the treatment he offers! Click here (or on title) to listen!


10 Questions with a Lipov Block Recipient – Erin

24 May 2018
By Meriwether Ball

Please share how you came to be aware of the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB).

I first became aware of the SGB while watching the show ‘The Doctors’ and they were talking to SA [sexual assault] victims and Dr. Lipov was on the show too. I was thinking “oh I need to look him up” since I have PTS.

Why did you think it might help you?

I looked up Dr. Lipov’s website and saw the videos of other veterans who have had the SGB injection. I thought I would like to see if this could help my startle response and nightmares.

What symptoms where you hoping to see it relieve?

Startle response, nightmares and irritability.

If you’re comfortable, please share how you came to have a trauma illness.

I was in Iraq in 2006-2007 and I fell off of a HUMWVEE and hit my head, I was also near RPG fire and some explosions.

After the block, what was the first thing you noticed?

I felt like I should ask the Dr. what I’m supposed to feel… he asked if my trauma felt further away. I actually felt like my trauma was ‘yesterday’ before the injection. After the SGB injection it felt amazingly a few lifetimes away. Wow! What a relief!

How was the medical and paperwork process for you?

I felt it was done in a timely manner, Dr. Lipov’s team is very helpful.

How did staff treat you?

The staff treats you like family 🙂

Since receiving the SGB, what has changed for you?

I can now go hunting and target practice without fear of nightmares and my startle response is nearly diminished!

If you felt you needed another one, would you get it done?

In a heartbeat!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am a better civilian and person with the SGB Injection, I would encourage other trauma victims and veterans to get this injection, I could save your life 🙂  I am 98% better. Thank you to all of Dr. Lipov and his team.


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