Pain specialist uses injections to help military personnel with PTSD

Story from WGNtv

CHICAGO — A local pain medicine specialist says he can inject a sense of calm into patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Critics are waiting for results from a formal study; meanwhile, hundreds of people, including military personnel, say they’ve been saved, including a woman with nightmarish injuries who traveled to Chicago because she says she knows he treatment works.

First Lt. Katie Blanchard, a retired U.S. Army nurse, suffered a horrific attack… read here for more

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Fascinating Podcast with Dr. Lipov

1 June 2018

Interview with Meriwether Ball, Public Affairs Officer

Fascinating interview with E.G. Lipov, M.D. about how he developed his remarkably successful treatment for PTSD symptoms, where it is being used currently, who it is best suited for, and a thought about future use.

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