U.S. Marines (and others) From a New Angle

Writing about Marines has been my thing for the last 20 years.

Now I am writing about leading-from-the-front Marines (and others) whose lives have been saved.

They have had their post-traumatic stress symptoms removed or greatly diminished because Dr. Eugene Lipov performed the stellate ganglion block – a ridiculously simple little procedure – on them.

It cured my 50 years battle with PTS, and it has cured hundreds of service members.

He developed this decades-old procedure for PTS, and he is the master.

Of course I continue to think about the unsung Marines who received the top medals, and my book series Great Marines is still alive.

Now I need to use my pen to save Marines’ lives by telling the stories of those who heard about Lipov, reached out, flew to Chicago, and had their world improve immeasureably.

Let’s do this y’all. Let’s hear the stories of these extraordinary souls, and lets save some lives.

Semper fidelis,

Meriwether Ball
Site Manager


Please help veterans/service members receive this treatment by donating to Dr. Lipov’s Foundation: http://globalptsifoundation.org/donate