Volunteers jump at chance to help veterans recover from PTSD

Story from WGNtv.com Chicago

18 November 2018

CHICAGO — With Michael Jordan’s statue looking on, volunteers leapt at the chance to support veterans by jumping rope thousands of times Sunday.

During the “Jump for Vets” charity event, around 70 people pushed themselves to do 2,200 jumps, or the equivalent of 100 jumps for every veteran that takes their own life each year. Sponsored by Rags of Honor, the charity event aims to raise around $15,000 to provide medical care for soldiers battling PTSD.

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4 thoughts on “Volunteers jump at chance to help veterans recover from PTSD”

      1. Good-Morning Ms. Ball, Here’s YOU a Merry Christmas right back @ YOU , enjoy a GREAT holiday !!!!!! I’d sure LOVE to be seeing Dr. Lipov this morning to get a shot to relieve my PTSD, especially to help me to walk again + taste & smell + my nieces have yet to see me walk, Please assist me @ fixing this & as I’ve told my Mom——- “Thanks for raising me to work, I do certainly hope it pays-off to us . “Enjoy the best day that YOU can + here’s YOU a GOD Bless YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie R Gore

        1. Bless you Debbie, and Merry Christmas to you! Please call Greg Alberth, Dr. Lipov’s Research Assistant ANYTIME: 844.SGB.PTSI. He will guide you through the very easy process. I am sure you will be feeling much better!

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