CONTACT: Patients Seeking Lipov Block (SGB)

Patient forms: hover HERE then click on blue hyperlink for forms, or call/email Greg Alberth, Dr. Lipov’s Research Assistant :

Call 844.SGB.PTSIĀ orĀ Email:

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “CONTACT: Patients Seeking Lipov Block (SGB)”

  1. Dr. Lipov, I’m Desperately need of this SGB, PLEASE ?????My Hell-day of my was on—-6/10/05, PLEASE assist me to restore myself ??GOD Bless YOU & YOU’RE family !!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie R Gore

  2. Hi, I’d LOVE to say “I sure wish YOU’D been available for me + ALL of the rest of us Mentally-Damaged-folks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD Bless YOU + enjoy a GREAT evening!!!!!!! Debbie R Gore

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