10 Questions with a Lipov Block Recipient – Erin

24 May 2018
By Meriwether Ball

Please share how you came to be aware of the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB).

I first became aware of the SGB while watching the show ‘The Doctors’ and they were talking to SA [sexual assault] victims and Dr. Lipov was on the show too. I was thinking “oh I need to look him up” since I have PTS.

Why did you think it might help you?

I looked up Dr. Lipov’s website and saw the videos of other veterans who have had the SGB injection. I thought I would like to see if this could help my startle response and nightmares.

What symptoms where you hoping to see it relieve?

Startle response, nightmares and irritability.

If you’re comfortable, please share how you came to have a trauma illness.

I was in Iraq in 2006-2007 and I fell off of a HUMWVEE and hit my head, I was also near RPG fire and some explosions.

After the block, what was the first thing you noticed?

I felt like I should ask the Dr. what I’m supposed to feel… he asked if my trauma felt further away. I actually felt like my trauma was ‘yesterday’ before the injection. After the SGB injection it felt amazingly a few lifetimes away. Wow! What a relief!

How was the medical and paperwork process for you?

I felt it was done in a timely manner, Dr. Lipov’s team is very helpful.

How did staff treat you?

The staff treats you like family 🙂

Since receiving the SGB, what has changed for you?

I can now go hunting and target practice without fear of nightmares and my startle response is nearly diminished!

If you felt you needed another one, would you get it done?

In a heartbeat!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am a better civilian and person with the SGB Injection, I would encourage other trauma victims and veterans to get this injection, I could save your life 🙂  I am 98% better. Thank you to all of Dr. Lipov and his team.


Please help other veterans/service members receive this treatment by donating to Dr. Lipov’s Foundation: http://globalptsifoundation.org/donate

3 thoughts on “10 Questions with a Lipov Block Recipient – Erin

  1. How do I get this done in my area. I live near pasco Washington about 180 miles from Seattle & Portland Or. And about 130 miles from Spokane I would have no issue traveling. I have struggled with pain and PTSD for many years and tried several unsuccessful meds and procedures. Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated.


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